about us

- here you´ll find a movie about us, our benefits, our business concept, our aim , certificate, our values / quality policy and some history.

a movie about us

skilled aluminium supplier

we are a competent, serious and responsible supplier you can involve in your projects when it comes to aluminium; we are good at finding solutions that save both time and money and we are a partner to rely on.

we have extensive knowledge of aluminium and what different suppliers and extrusions plants around the world are good at; using our knowledge and our unique network of contacts throughout the world we find the best solution for each individual customer.

our business covers the entire process from sketch to finished product; the feeling and understanding of the customers reality and their wishes are important components for us as needs are different depending on where in the process you are.

- as our customer you should feel that we care to do our best and take responsibility for long-term cooperation; it should be easy working with us.

- aluminium et cetera have a great heart and a passion for a mutual collaboration with our customers; we know by experience that a closely collaboration gains the purpose of better business for both parties.

we have carefully selected a number of different providers around the world who also work as we do - with a big heart namely with care, responsibility and long term in theire work towards us; we require our suppliers and we have a mix of many well-chosen suppliers that enables us to support our client relationships in the best way.

business concept

we purchases, sells and refines for customers around the world; our aim is to exceed customers expectations in terms of assortment, delivery,knowledge and service level.

our aim

our aim is to make every effort to reach the optimum service level for our customer; our special knowledge and total partnering with customers make the difference between aluminium et cetera and other suppliers.


aluminium et cetera has a certified quality & environmental management system that meet the demands accordinging to iso 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 regarding sales of extrusions, aluminium products and related processing; the certification means that the business is audited at regular intervals by an external accredited certification authority, which ensures that the requirements in the standard are met as well as continuous improvements are performed.

certificate 9001 & 14001 >

values / opertations policy

consideration, responsibility and long term are our guiding principles in our daily work.

  • consideration; feeling, understanding and knowledge of the environment, our customers´ and interests realities and desires are important components; with great concern for their best achievs better results.
  • responsibility; we take full responsibility for our commitments and do our utmost to live up to our customers and interests expectations as well as the binding environmental requirements imposed.
  • long term; for us it´s important that our customers feel safe and that we create a mutual trust in long-term cooperation and that we contribute to a better environment and sustainable development.


some history from 2007 onwards.

  • the company was founded in 2007 by greger karlsson, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the aluminium industry; greger is the owner, ceo and works with sales.
  • our name aluminium et cetera in sweden ab or aluminium et cetera that we in short call us have office and warehouse in växjö, sweden - the name was chosen because aluminium is our main field and et cetera means that we can be so much more; we also work with everything around to help our customers get their jobs to become so much easier and smoother and with solutions that allow our customers save time and money.
  • march 15 2010 greger received the price "the new entrepreneur of the year i kronoberg, sweden in 2009" with the following motovation:
    the new entrepreneur of the year in kronoberg has the foundation in its industry expertise built up their own business as quickly gained a solid foothold in the market.
  • may 1  2012 office and warehouse were moved to new, larger and common premises, to hjalmar petris väg 50 in växjö, to get more space to expand, develop and work to become even better.
  • in 2017, aluminium et cetera celebrated the 10th anniversary.

welcome to us!

aluminium et cetera greet you welcome to your inquiries and hope that we get good cooperation in the future!

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